Covid-19 Vaccination Invitation via accuBook

NHS England are supporting general practice with the use of a new Covid-19 vaccine online booking system for patients. This will make it easy for patients to book their own Covid-19 vaccination. The new NHS booking system is called accubook.

If you are able to receive SMS text messages, this will mean that when it’s your turn, you will receive a text invitation. You then can click on a unique link taking you to a site where you can book an appointment quickly.

If we do not have a mobile number recorded for you, then our practice staff will still telephone you to book your appointment manually.

Please note: If the clinic is fully booked please do not worry, and do not call the practice. Clinics are being scheduled all the time, in line with when the vaccines are made available. You will be contacted again in the coming days with an invitation to book in to another clinic. If you require further information please visit the practice website.


Please rest assured that we are all working as hard as we can to get our priority groups vaccinated against coronavirus and maintain as much “normal general practice” work as possible.

We will contact you to book an appointment for your vaccine, so please do not contact us.

We are currently very constrained by the random and irregular distribution of vaccines across our Norfolk sites. This means we cannot currently plan ahead and sometimes receive very short notice of vaccine deliveries, hence the short notice for your appointment.

Please bear with all of our staff during these challenging times for us all.

We hope that soon the Government will allow us to deliver the Coronavirus vaccine programme as we do our annual flu programme. But in the meantime please stay safe and do contact your local surgery for any urgent medical symptoms or problems, as we are still open.